What is Drain Pipe Patching & Drain Pipe Relining?

Pipe Relining No dig Sewer repairs

Drain Pipe Patching and Relining is a cost effective method of permanently fixing a cracked or leaking pipe.  In most cases, it is a section of the pipe that is damaged caused by the earth or foundations shifting around which creates pressure on a specific point.  It will be at this stage you notice an issue as your drain will become blocked.


In many cases the plumber will remove the blockage and tree roots but will not repair the crack.  The pipe will continue to have blockages. We offer a simple, long term solution for damaged sections of a drain pipe which doesnt include digging up half your garden and pathways.


Fixing Pipes Without Digging

pipe relining

The last thing you want to do when you have a break in your drain pipeline is to have to dig it all up to replace the damaged section. In many cases, this is impossible due to the drain being under house foundations or under driveways etc. This is where pipe patching comes in.

Our team can identify cracks etc in your drains, as well as repair them without the need to dig up the pipe by using a structured pipe patch. The patch, made from fibreglass matting that has been impregnated with a specially formulated silicate resin.


Once we have prepared the correct length of pipe patch with the resin, we deliver it to the damaged section and when in place, it inflates ensuring a good fit until the resin cures to a solid structural lining.

Traditional pipe repair involves digging up sections of pipe and replacing it. Extensive trenches are expensive, inconvenient and sometimes need days to settle after refilling. This method is much faster and cheaper than trenches that destroy your landscaping. We will sometimes have to dig a small hole, which we will always re-fill.

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