Trenchless Drain Pipe Relining Process

Pipe Patching and Pipe Relining
Who Offers the Best Products?

After extensive research, we chose the Brawoliner trenchless pipe relining system which is the best performer in strict quality control tests in Germany and the UK.

best before and after pipe lining image

Brawoliner allows us to to repair your pipes without digging trenches or holes. This is cheaper method than traditional pipe repair and takes a fraction of the time.  

Brawoliner is the Eco Friendly Pipe Relining Choice.

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pipe relining step2
pipe relining step3
pipe relining step4
pipe relining step5
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The Pipe Reline / Patching Process

1. Blue Water Plumbers will Hydrojet (high pressure water clean) the line to clear blockages, debris and tree roots.

2. Next we will inspect the pipe using CCTV camera to detemine the extent and location of damage.

3. Patching Pipe will be recommend if a small area of pipe is damaged. Liner is prepared and the inflatable packer is installed.

4. The packer is inflated to the required pressure.

5. The resin patch is allowed to sure before deflating and removing the packer.

6. CCTV Inspection of the pipeline confirms correct installation of the finished product – new pipework within the old.